The 12-Week Booty Challenge kicks off on July 1, 2024!

Flat glutes are a bummer. Go from pancake 🥞 to peach 🍑 as you strengthen your booty and improve function.

This 12-week Booty Challenge combines functional training & nutrition support to grow your glutes, build full body strength and improve your pelvic floor!

Sign up & receive...

  • 36 different workouts (average length 25 min)
  • 20 functional stretches
  • 10 technique videos
  • 8 four-week meal plans, recipes and grocery lists
  • A digital movement calendar to track your progress
  • Badges to earn
  • A private group chat with everyone in your challenge for support & accountability
  • BONUS: A live workout with Nikki (replay available)

For $179 CAD ($129 USD) you’ll train your glutes like never before with minimal equipment.



What is Heart Bottom Syndrome?

A flatter butt after kids is a thing. I've lived it, as you can see!

Here's what's going on…

"Heart bottom syndrome" happens when we start clenching our butt because we feel unstable in our core, vulnerable in our pelvic floor (leaking, heaviness) and when we suck our tummies in. Clenching the booty leads to MORE pelvic floor dysfunction and weaker glute muscles. Your butt starts to look like a heart instead of an apple…

Breastfeeding is also part of it. Our bodies prioritize taking omega 3-rich fat from our glutes to make breast milk. Your butt is literally feeding your baby's brain! 

The fix for heart bottom is getting your core working synergistically so you don’t have to clench your “under butt” to create stability. Then, release the tension and train what is weak! LOAD the glutes and strengthen the core while fuelling your body with the right protein and nutrients.

And that is exactly what we are going to do in this 12-Week Booty Challenge.

Each week you’ll complete 3 different glute focused workouts that blend Pilates, functional strength & circuit training

Magic happens when we blend Pilates techniques with weight training. Your core is "on" with each breath. You build body awareness and improve your form to deepen muscle activation. You reduce injuries. You get sustainable results.

You get next level results when you do next level training. These are our toughest classes – not for pregnancy or early postpartum. You want Push Prep in pregnancy, and Core Restore for postpartum recovery!

  • Deepen your body connection
  • Get powerful results
  • Build muscle
  • Nutrition meal plan support
  • Support & accountability


Hi, I’m Nikki Bergen.

As a Pilates instructor who specializes in pelvic health in pregnancy, postpartum and beyond, I've worked with 1000s of women over the last 14+ years.

Timing matters when it comes to your pelvic floor and core, so at The Belle Method we create resources and offer courses to help you meet in your exact life stage.

But be warned–this 12-week Booty Challenge is straight up diabolical, my friends. You're gonna get results!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

OMG they are hard!!!! And I love it.

OMG they are hard!!!! And I love it. I’ve been training with a trainer and incorporating strength workouts then I realized I was lifting more/doing harder compound moves and my core was kind of falling apart and all the form was taking a backseat! So... saw your challenge and thought oh, that will be a nice and easy way to supplement the strength workouts… check that!! The strength workouts are now my easy days!! And the challenge is the true workout!! Love it. Thanks for doing all that you do!!


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

After 2 babies (3.5 and 1.5 yo), my core has never been stronger.

This next challenge will be my 3rd round in a row! I started my first challenge after finishing Push Prep and Core Restore. I absolutely love the Belle Method - all of the workouts are hard and leave your body feeling flexible and strong! After 2 babies (3.5 and 1.5 yo), my core has never been stronger. The cueing given for proper form/alignment, TVA activation and breathwork are so helpful. As an occupational therapist, I have an understanding of body mechanics and therapeutic exercise - there is so much to learn from Nikki and her team! I'm so excited to have joined this group chat for this challenge, what a great community!



What is the challenge schedule?

This is a virtual program so it’s as easy as signing up to get full access in your portal. From there, you’ll find the entire program pre-recorded so you can create your own schedule.

Who should sign up for Booty Challenge?

This course is not for pregnancy or postpartum rehab. If you have not done dedicated rehab for at least 4 months, please join our Pilates Pelvic Floor & Core Restore Course.

What happens if I take longer than 12 weeks to finish the challenge?

Give yourself grace, and please don’t worry. You’ll have access to the workouts for 6 months from your purchase date. Many people repeat the challenge several times!

What equipment will I need?

You will need a booty band, 2 sets of dumbbells (a light 8 or 10 lbs and heavy 15 or 20 lbs), a towel (for gliding) and a mini stability ball. Some workouts use a sturdy chair, but you can also use a couch.

What size weights do I need?

Not all the workouts involve weights. I shot all the weighted workouts with 10 lbs. dumbbells, but that's because I was shooting 7-10 workouts in a day (it was nuts, don't recommend!) Several of the workouts involve combo moves with a lunge/squat and shoulder press or lateral raise. For those, you will want a "lighter" set of dumbbells. For the lower body only workouts, you will want a "heavier" set. When choosing your weights, I would recommend a light (8 or 10 lbs) and a heavy (15 or 20 lbs) set.


Bundle to Save 20%

Save 20% when you bundle both challenges! Get 12 months of membership access so you can start anytime and enjoy a full library of over 100 workouts, over a dozen weekly meal plans, and a group chat for support & accountability.

$358 CAD / $262 USD

$286 CAD / $210 USD

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